Review : Stay Quirky Nail polishes

Hey friends….how are you doing? 🙂 Well finally I got the admission process done & all I have to wait is for the college to start :D. And so the shopping process starts here. Well every girl wants to look her best in the college 😉  hahhahahha…….well I actually found this nail polish that I have been looking for a long time & its


This is a new brand from Pune, Maharashtra. Recently when I was browsing the shopping sites, I found a beauty destination for all your beauty needs. There’s makeup, hair products, skin care products, etc

Well coming to the main topic i.e. nail polish well you all know am a fan of nail arts and finding a best polish is the important thing and specially at a right shade.

Recently I brought 6 polishes from the purple. They were the best of my expectations. Right shade perfect brush and cute bottles.

So here is the picture of all the stuff i bought:


And here’s the nail polishes:

stay quirky nail polishes

And here’s  what one stroke of each polishes except shade 513 looks like:

Gel Finish Pink-a-licious 202

202 shades

Gel Finish Think Pink 335

335 shades

Blue sky line 375


Brown Dream in Polish 492


Gel Finish Red Goodness 527


To start with I applied only one stroke to test whether they chipped or smelled bad. But to my surprise nothing such happened. This polish has thick brush and hence it spreads over easily. It dries relatively faster. The top of my nails had some polish wore off after five days, but it was barely noticeable & what you expect from just one coat of polish. And the best thing was it didn’t smell as compared to my old polishes. And all the shade i loved except the 513 because it seemed to be like shade 375. Also the shade 202 335 & 527 are different sorry my photo could not portray so because i have a bad camera 😦 And the shade i ❤ the most is Gel Finish Red Goodness 527

They are nice to use and affordable at just Rs. 40 each. Go ahead, dazzle and sizzle by painting your nails with the shade that you can truly call ‘My Shade’ ^^’ . And now i’l get started with some nail arts with these polishes & share with you soon.

Bye…take care 🙂