Post a Quote challenge (Day 3)

Its Wednesday, hmm….2 more days for the weekend 😦

And today am going to share a quote i read on the bench of my class. Yes you read it write it was written on the bench by some random guy & the graphics weren’t bad either, but my camera couldn’t capture the image as there was low light & i had no flash on camera. But here’s the quote, i did this all. Hows my i editing skills?? Β ^^’ πŸ˜€ :


And here are my nomination’s for the challenge:

The Rules of this Challenge are:

– Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)

– Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post & thankΒ the person who nominated you

Thanks for reading πŸ˜€ see you all soon ^^’

Bye πŸ™‚


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