Puzzle puzzle……Let’s play!

Hey friends, how are you? Having a tough day? Hmm…

rough day quote

I hope this helps you all 🙂

Today I came across a puzzle book {I’ll mention the name at the end of the puzzles}, it may sound boring but these puzzles are somewhat mind boggling and funny. I had fun time solving them, and for the record i could guess only 3 answers out of 5 😛 but will surely improve the next time 😀

So let’s get started with our first puzzle my friend,

You have to place numbers 1 to 6 within the smaller circles shown below in the picture such that the sum of the four numbers that fall on circle’s circumference is equal to the sum of all numbers on any other circle’s circumference. And each number must be used only once.puzzle1

Go ahead a give it a try….and let me know what your answers in the comment section below & do let me know what you think about these edits i did 😀 ^^’  🙂

I’l post the right answers on my next post

Bye…have a great day 🙂


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