Love/Hate Tag

Love / Hate ?

Hie…friends. I hope you all had a great day by now if not then

“Tomorrow will be great” 😀

This is my first tag post…yipeee ^^’ .So a big THANK YOU to say to my dear friend Raichael Lancora for nominating me for the love/hate tag. She too is new to blogging and now she has this amazing post on LOVE/HATE which was interesting to read so to check out her blog and know her loves and hates on things click here: LancoraPerla…Love/Hate Tag

So here are the


In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 things we hate. Then nominate 10 blogs to do the same.

So let’s get started with this  >:D


  1. Spending time with friends 😀
  2. Lychee/ Litchi {fruit}
  3. Trying new nail arts 🙄
  4. Listening to music before falling asleep ;D
  5. Sandwiches with fries or pasta with garlic bread
  6. Watching Superwoman videos on her youtube channel:
  7. Reading novels & comics {especially tinkle comics they are my favorite}
  8. Wearing new clothes ^^’
  9. Watching TV shows with brother and sister
  10. Twix chocolate bars and Cadbury dairy milk silk 😛


  1. Lizards and pigeons
  2. Milk, yogurt and Ghee….I would rather starve then eat those
  3. Waiting for someone whoz very late
  4. Cleaning my room
  5. Travelling in crowded trains and buses
  6. Tangled headphones
  7. That I cannot say “NO” when I really want to 😥
  8. End minute cancellation of plans
  9. Expecting TOO much from someone
  10. Okra and eggplant

So here’s my list.Now your turn my friend….I tag all you friends reading this post to go ahead and do this. Let me know things you l<3ve and HAte.

⭐ And my NOMINATIONS for this tag are my friends as follows:

So till next time,be happy and stay positive 🙂



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