Green & White Nail art

Well this weekend my sister got me this green color so i decided to give it a try.

So friends let get started
Nail Art

the nail polishes i used are:

A green, white and sparkle nail polish,base coat and top coat

Nail polishFirstly apply clear base coat to your nail so as to protect your nails from stained yellowish color.{Sometimes when i just have no time for manicure all i do is just apply base coat and leave it on.Thus it protects my nails as well as saves time for future nail art 🙂 }  Well that’s a TIP for today

When your base coat is dried up apply two coats of your choice color nail polish so as to give it a desirable look.

nail polishThen using a striper brush make a small leaf like shape at the left upper side of ur nail pointing out.Then make another big leaf like shape pointing downwards and almost covering ur whole nail.Make two curved lines coming from the right side of big leaf shape art as shown in the following picture:

green and white

Now to give it a little sparkle using a striper brush inside the leaf shapes either on one side or you could fill it up.Its all up to you.

After it dries up seal it with a top coat. That’s a wrap 😉

Come on now its your turn to give this nail art a try & do post a pictures of  it with different color of your choices.

Till next time then.Be happy and stay positive 🙂



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